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There's already a lot of time that my portfolio was lost...
That old journal will not remind me of bad things again!
It's a new time... Time for new things!!! :D

Great things are coming...
Just wait to see... :D
This morning something really sad happened to me... something I could never imagine. Not even in my worst nightmares.

I was in a bus, going to my work. I was reading a book to make my time pass faster... I got in my stop and jumped out... But forgot something... Part of me stayed in the bus... A folder, full of drawings... In fact, all this drawings you can see here in this very place.

Can you imagine how I fell right now??? I just called to some places... The bus company, the bus terminal, to my house (to make my sister stop every single bus that cross our street), I even called to the main controller in my city. But nothing... Not yet.

I'm trying to get a authorization to put some posters in some bus... I'll offer rewards for it... It means very much to me...

I still hope there is some good people in the world... I still hope to find it... I still hope... I fell like i'm destroyed, you know? Empty...  :-(